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Increase survival, prevent cancer returning, today.

“I believe cancer can be cured today; it may be in remission, but it can be in remission permanently”. (Dr. Henry Friedman). "There is 'overwhelming evidence' that certain complementary therapies can increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning" (The American Cancer Society 2012 Report)po

If you want to read more about what is already known to help people today, we need more researchers today. Please donate

People touched by cancer do not suddenly become stupid. They know there is a lot they can do in their personal treatment programme to help themselves and that the orthodox drugs, radiotherapy and surgery available today have limitations.

And they are right. The American Cancer Society has issued a report stating that certain complementary therapies can ‘increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning’. Some Cancer Centres where patients use diet and other complementary therapies report a doubling in survival rates. Today.

Providing the resource today

But where do you start? Do you want to wait ten years for the next wonder drug? Who can help you increase your personal odds of survival today? Or to provide the information you need to make better personal choices?

“CANCERactive provides a wonderful resource for the person touched by cancer; exactly what you need to know, and all in one place”. Dr. Mary J

CANCERactive provides this website with over 3,800 pages of articles and information from around the world, and we provide a magazine that goes into 640 UK Cancer centres (you can now download it anywhere in the world). We provide all the information you need to empower yourself, today.

But, we need more researchers!

We need your money. We need more researchers to provide the information that the other charities don’t.

We are independent – we receive no funding from Big Pharma or Little Vitamin. And we like it that way because no one tells us what we can or cannot write about.

This means, we can only help people like you, if people like you help us.

But we promise the money will continue to go to providing the best website, cancer magazine and resource people touched by cancer could need.

And remember - our trustees and management take not one penny out of your donation. We make it work harder!

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