15 Things you should know about a Cancer Cell

15 Things you should know about a Cancer Cell

This article will help you learn about cancer by telling you important information about cancer cells, and cancer nutrition, quickly!

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15 Things you should know about a Cancer Cell


1: Cancer is not a thing, a cockroach to be trodden on. It is a multi-step process probably involving up to 20 steps. You may have just a few, or all of the steps in your body.
2:Every day each of us produces 200-1000 cancer cells. In healthy humans, the immune system neutralises all of them.

3: Although there are DIRECT causes of cancer -like asbestos or radiation, most causes are INDIRECT: People with reduced immune systems get more cancers.

4: Cancer cells can behave like undifferentiated cells - the sort of cell you had in your first 42 days of life. Rapidly growing and seemingly incapable of being converted normally into a cell you need like a liver or stomach lining cell.

5: The control for the differentiation of cells is thought to lie in the pancreas. Some diet therapists advocate taking pancreatic enzymes for this reason. It is also a good reason not to cause pancreatic stress with a bad diet containing lots of sugars, refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

6: The World Health Organisation says that 70 per cent of all cancers are caused by poor diet.

7: Smoking doesnt just cause lung cancer. Young girls who smoke increase their risks of breast cancer later in life, and smoking has known links to many cancers especially kidney and bladder cancers.

Whisky tumbler8: All cells have power stations called mitochondria. They burn carbohydrate in oxygen to provide your energy. Cancer cells have damaged mitochondria. They do not use oxygen - in fact oxygen kills them. Otto Warburg discovered this is 1931. (Take exercise, breathe clean air deeply, eat green foods, dont smoke, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg)

9: Cancer cells adore glucose. It is their favourite food and people with the lowest blood sugar levels survive longer. Yeasts, candida and microbes, which can produce alcohol as their waste by-product, are dangerous because cancer cells love alcohol too. Kick out your yeasts. Dont eat glucose.

10: Cancer cells produce lactic acid after burning their fuel. And they produce lots of it because they grow and divide so rapidly. Lactic acid can only be broken down by the liver - where it produces glucose! Cancer patients have overworked livers - from lactic acid dead cells, fats, bacteria, cancer drugs and so on.  . Try a liver flush.

11: Cancer cells absorb from the blood. Iron supplementation for healthy individuals has its critics. It is thought to promote free radicals and possibly the formation of cancer cells.

12: There is some evidence that coenzyme Q10 helps the proper function of normal cells mitochondria and may protect against their change to the cancer process.

13: One of the biggest destroyers of healthy mitochondria is excess sodium. The power stations need potassium to work properly. Sodium displaces it, makes the cell work poorly and turns it acid. Magnesium kicks excess sodium out.

Brazil nuts14: Cut sodium from your diet - fast food, junk food, snack foods, processed food, even white refined bread and breakfast cereals, sausages, bacon, Chinese food and soya sauce.Add in high potassium and magnesium foods like jacket potatoes, lentils, bananas, apples, nuts and seeds.

15: When a mass of cancer cells reaches about 1 cm in diameter it is called a tumour and needs its own blood supply to survive. Garlic and isoflavones may help prevent this blood supply forming.

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