15 ways to love your liver

15 ways to love your liver

Improve your liver function

The liver is the largest organ in your body. Your life depends on the health of your liver. Yet it is constantly attacked by environmental toxins, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, too much salt, too much sugar, saturated and trans fats and even parasites.

You need to learn to love your liver. It is responsible for fat and sugar metabolism; processing the food compounds absorbed from your gut, cleaning and purifying your blood and so much more. Many people have poor liver function.

For the cancer sufferer, it is likely to be in an extremely unhealthy state. Lactic acid from the cancer cells, toxins from the chemotherapy, parasites, fats and more, all add to the toxic load you may have had even before your cancer diagnosis.

But you can do a lot of things to help it. If you look after your liver it will strengthen, even rejuvinate and most certainly, it will look after you.



1: Avoid Toxic foods and drink plenty of clean water


Nitrates and nitrites, found in processed foods and dried meats, are particularly harmful to your liver, as is refined sugar. Try to drink two litres of glass-bottled fresh water per day.


2:Check for parasites


Some parasites (like schistosomes) can damage the liver, laying their eggs there. You can take a herbal purge like the highly effective Para-Free Plus - which kills parasites, yeasts and is a colon cleanse. A good probiotic and digestive enzymes will help clean up the colon and, in turn, clean up the liver. 

Go to: Para-Free Plus, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes


3:Reduce your red meat and saturated fat consumption


Saturated fats increase your bad cholesterol levels and overload your liver. Beware junk food, trans (hydrogenated) fats and oils and saturated fat, which is clearly linked to an increased risk of cancer, more aggressive cancer and lowered survival.

Go to: Saturated fat and increased cancer risk


4:Consume good oils and fats

Foods such as extra virgin olive oil, fish oils, nut and seed oils, avocados, all improve your ’good’ HDL levels at the expense of bad fats.
5:Strengthen your liver


Isoflavones, inositol and choline, milk thistle, dandelion, curcumin, boldo tea, magnesium and vitamin K are all know to help clean and/or strengthen the liver. 

Open quotesKeep pesticides and toxic residues out of your system.Close quotes

6:Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption


They can poison your liver and cause it further stress. Try herb teas instead.


7:Detox your liver


Good old fashioned Epsom Salts can help clean up your liver. A tablespoon of the type you can consume, should be dissolved in water and taken 30 minutes before bed time. Once a month is sufficient.

Go to: 3 ways to clean up your liver


8:Juice vegetables and fruit


Juice diets are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, easy to clean out toxins. They also reduce craving for sweet things and alcohol.


9:Think green


Green salads, green vegetables, chlorophyll rich spirulina, chlorella and barley grass help correct the alkalinity and boost metabolism and the immune system.

Eat sea vegetables; a wonderful source of easily absorbed minerals, they balance the body’s acidity, reduce excess stores of fat and fluid, and help eliminate toxins.

Take coral calcium for its balancing minerals




Sleep helps, it increases melatonin,a natural that neutralises free radicals and regenerates your system. If detoxing, take orthinine - as temporary increased levels of toxins will disturb sleep patterns.



11:De-stone your liver


A potent mixture of Epsom Salts, olive oil and grapefruit can clear out the gallstones and free the bile flow. Click here  for the "recipe".


12:Promote bile flow


Globe artichoke (Cynara Scolymus) increases bile flow and toxin removal. Beets, dandelions and radishes also get the juices flowing.




Oxygenate your blood and liver with gentle yoga, deep breathing and brisk walks.


14:Avoid drugs


Avoid all medicines, antibiotics, anti-inflamatories, pain killers, the pill, HRT - but only if your doctor says you can!


15:Go organic


Keep pesticides and toxic residues out of your system. Check your toiletries and perfumes too.


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