** The Active8 Programme

** The Active8 Programme

Almost 20 years of research has gone in to the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME® designed to help you take control of your cancer and build your own integrated, cancer therapy programme to help increase your personal odds of survival. Learn more.


No single thing causes cancer; no single treatment cures cancer. I believe that building your own personal Complementary and Integrative Cancer Treatment programme is the very best way to improve your personal odds of cancer survival.

When I created it, I called it the ACTIVE8 Programme and when I see new research, I learn and, if relevant, I update Active8 for your benefit. The simple aim is to allow you to take more control of your cancer treatment and fight your cancer more effectively. It is thorough, it is comprehensive and it divides the challenge you face into highly ‘doable’, bite-size chunks.

Research shows Complementary Therapies increase cancer survival

Let's start with a little research. For example:    

 * In 2012, a report on Complementary Therapies from The American Cancer Society showed that three were particularly effective – Diet, Exercise and Weight control – and could  ‘increase survival and even prevent a cancer recurring’

     * Also in 2012, The National Cancer Institute head of 'Nutrition and Cancer', Dr. Young S. Kim (a Biochemist, nutrition and genomics expert), presented a meta-review of research studies showing that, once you had a cancer, a poor diet would encourage the cancer to regrow, whereas a good diet would prevent that happening. Kim even named the foods and the bioactive compounds (1). 

     * And by 2017, the ACS presented results of a 7-year study, which took stage 3 colorectal cancer patients, all of whom had had surgery and chemo, and showed conclusively that across the seven years, those who adhered most closely to the Diet and Exercise guidelines had 31% greater survival and 42% less death than those who did nothing. Frankly, we know of no drug that comes even close to these figures!

Building your own ACTIVE8 Programme®

Unsurprisingly, the ACTIVE8 Programme® has 8 steps. The total programme and the steps must be tailored to you, your cancer, and your needs.

You built a body conducive to cancer. It took 6-10 years, maybe longer. Now build a body conducive to health.

  1. The importance of Oxygen

    1. Exercise

    2. Green juices

    3. Flaxseed

    4. HBOT; ozone

  2. Clean up your Toxic body

    1. Environmental toxins

    2. Internal toxins - e.g. gums, teeth, sweeteners, drugs

    3. Pathogens 

  3. Rebuild your Immune system

    1. Vitamin D

    2. White cells, red cells, genetics

  4. Starve the cancer; stop it spreading

    1. Stop your cancer feeding

    2. Stop your cancer spreading

  5. All illness begins in the gut

    1. Kill the bad

    2. Heal the gut wall

    3. Rebuild the gut lining

    4. Replenish the good

  6. Manage your Hormones; for example

    1. Oestrogen

    2. Testosterone

    3. Thyroid

  7. Manage your Stress

    1. Manage your stress hormones

    2. Nourish your brain

    3. Balance your energy

    4. Heal old wounds

  8. Manage your Nourishment

    1. The importance of diet

    2. Is there a role for fasting?

    3. Core supplements.


We’re sorry, we can’t spell it all out here. And we certainly can’t personalise it. What is right for a 23-year-old lady with HER2 breast cancer, is almost certainly not right for a 45-year-old man with leukemia. There is no one cause. no one drug and no one universal plan. Your diet, your exercise, your stress management programme, your hormone and detox programme and more must be TAILORED to you, your situation and your cancer. You can do this yourself; or we can guide you.

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  1. 25 Epigenetic compounds to reverse cancer


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