A Biochemists view of a healthy juice for people with cancer

A Biochemists view of a healthy juice for people with cancer

I don’t think you should put any fruit in your juice. You just don’t need the sugar hit*.

I really don’t know if it is better to make a juice or a smoothie. There are good arguments for either. I think my preference would be to get the Nutribullet out and go with the fibre – your gut bacteria will love you for it.

Your juice should be very ‘green’. Kale and broccoli are the starting points (good for indole 3 carbinol). You could use wheatgrass or barley grass; and/or chlorella and spirulina. A good organic vegetable box regularly ordered will feature a lot of greens depending on what’s in season – leeks, Brussels sprouts, cabbage are all good. I would also go to the health food shop and buy some natural sea kelp for the iodine and put some of that in the juice too.

What I would then add is home grown broccoli seeds. I grew some. Very easy. I bought a little tray with a plastic cover – it was probably made for 10p in China but cost 7 euros, and I bought 5,000 broccoli seeds for 5 euros. Then it was easy. Sprinkle seeds, add water morning and night, and 4 days later you have soooo many. And sprouting broccoli seeds are packed with cancer-correcting sulforaphane.

Thereafter there are variables. 

If your cancer is ER+ve (breast cancer, ovarian, testicular, prostate, brain, womb, colorectal etc.) then add a tablespoon of freshly crushed flaxseed – blood oxygenating , anti-oestrogenic and feeds the gut bacteria. Add a cup and a half of white button mushrooms – found to contain aromatase inhibitors.

Then add fresh ginger shaved from the root – it regulates your blood sugar and is very anti-inflammatory.

You can sweeten with a little carrot or beetroot.

You will have to sort the taste out for yourself – I’m a biochemist not a chef!

5 small meals a day; plus a couple of juices. 

* By the way. I often tell people, especially if they have yeast excesses to get up in the morning, drink lemon juice in water, and then eat lots of berries. I also tell people to drink green tea. If you wonder why … 

Diet as an integral part of your Complementary and Integrative cancer treatment programme
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