Acid bodies and poor diets

Acid bodies and poor diets

Cancer Patients with acid bodies are nutritionally toxic, nutritionally deficient

Newly diagnosed cancer patients are invariably nutritionally deficient and have acid bodies. For the main article (acid bodies and cancer CLICK HERE)

Recently we asked a number of experts what they had learned about cancer in the last 5 years. For Rosy Daniel it was just this need - to combat Acid Bodies.

Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh, Integrated Medicine Consultant;  Helpline 0845-009-3366


"When I was working at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre as a doctor in the 1990s our senior nutritional therapist Ute Brookman said to me, Rosy, we must stop the patients eating oranges and tomatoes as they are just too acid. I dismissed this advice completely saying, ’that will just make everyone neurotic Ute I am sure that the benefits of these fruits far outweigh any possible downside’.

Well, Ute, I now have to eat my hat, as you were right all along!

Back in 1998 an Indian lady called Yahsu Amlani MBE came to see me to tell me of an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor who she said was curing people of cancer with herbs. I noted his work with interest, but she came back to me over and over again saying that if I was really so passionate about the natural treatment of cancer, I must go and meet this guy. So in 1999 I set out to Rajasthan in North India to meet Dr Nandlal Tiwari.

I discovered this gentleman working in a small unassuming clinic treating hundreds of people with cancer with a traditional herbal mixture from the Assam tribesmen, which he had named Carctol phonetically constructed in English to mean ’Stop Cancer’ in his language. He introduced me to a whole room full of survivors, along with their medical records and scan results, showing a whole range of utterly remarkable recoveries from supposedly terminal cancer. I was extremely impressed.

When I asked him about the mechanism of action of the medicine he said that it had many actions to stimulate detoxification by supporting the functions of the liver, kidneys, bowel and lymph but that most important of all was its effect to cleanse the body of acids which create an unfavourable environment in the body in which cancer, infections and arthritic conditions flourish. He said to me in very plain English ’cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body so whatever else you do, get your patients alkaline.’

This he said involved, alongside the 8 carctol tablets per day, drinking around 3 litres of cooled boiled water per day (which can go up as high as 5 litres in very hot countries like India) and avoiding absolutely all acidic foods.

I came back to the UK raring to go and after discussions with the Medicines Control Agency, was allowed to prescribe carctol as an unlicensed medicine on a prescription basis. Within 6 months I had witnessed my first remarkable happening. A lady from Bath with a pancreatic cancer had gone into remission with no chemo or surgery whatsoever! At 18 months her cancer had disappeared altogether.

The next miracle was a lady called Gillian Gill who has fully recovered from stage 4 ovarian cancer, purely with herbs, nutrition and healing. Another doctor colleague Dr Jani in Brighton witnessed one of his patients recover entirely from an inoperable melanoma that was in his neck and lungs! By now I knew we were really onto something really big.

But increasingly my patients turned up more and more confused because of the conflicting advice being given about ’acid-forming’ foods and ’alkaline forming’ foods. To my horror I discovered that people were eating lemons and other quite obviously acid foods in the belief that these foods would alkalinize their bodies! So I have now to explain to every one of my clients that it is simply acid foods they must avoid.

So to get alkaline:

  1. Avoid all acidic drinks wine, champagne, coffee, black tea, fruit teas, cordials with citric acid, fizzy drinks, and even fruit juices replacing these until you are alkaline with vegetable juices, green tea, rooibosh tea, herb teas and neutral or alkaline water

  2. Avoid all sour fruits favour melon, bananas, papaya, figs and dates

  3. Avoid sour sauces eg vinegar, vinaigrette, red and brown sauce.

  4. Avoid excess protein getting your protein mainly form beans, lentils nuts and seeds.


I believe that this error in understanding has occurred because when we take strong acids like lemon into the body there is a huge surge of alkaline ions produced within the gut to neutralize the incoming acid. One’s saliva is never so alkaline as straight after sucking a lemon or drinking a glass of champagne! But in reality this is just the buffering reaction, which over time drains the body of available alkaline ions. And where do all of these alkaline ions come from? Out of our tissues, which then become progressively more acidic, promoting the worsening of all degenerative conditions.


So my message from Dr Tiwari is really simple avoid all foods which are acidic, taste sour or become sour on chewing. Also avoid excess protein as protein intake over and above what we need for tissue repair (40grams per day) is broken down with the release of acids. As well as this remember to breathe! carbonic acid builds up in our bloodstream if we do not exhale deeply to get rid of the carbon dioxide build up.

To get the best impression of tissue pH, always check the saliva and not the urine. The urine is full of excreted waste products and does not give a clear picture of what is going on in the tissues. Also check the saliva first thing in the morning before toast, toothpaste and tea. This way you are checking the pH of the saliva, which has reached equilibrium over night, with no food or drink going in to disturb the balance. You are aiming for a pH of 7.5 just on the alkaline side of neutral. Once this level has been reached and is stable, you can then start adding back in the really valuable foods which are acidic, such as tomatoes and berries. Meanwhile I advocate getting plant anti-oxidants through the genius Cytoplan/Health Creation product Fruits, Roots and Shoots which contains Quercetin, Lycopene, Bilberry, Blueberry, Curcumin, Green Tea Catechins, Grape seed and Ginger extracts, Beta-Caroten and Lutein all in one capsule! One of these per ay is a great prevention package for all of us, along with a good multi vitamin such as the Lifeline Formula from Cytoplan. They also provide a 20mg purer Lycopene for those with breast and prostate cancer.

Another big learning has been the discovery that many of the water filters on the market are acidifying the water that passes through them! I realised that some of my clients were not turning alkaline after weeks of diligent dietary change. It occurred to me to get them to check their drinking water. Clients of mine have been saying that their reverse osmosis water come out at pH 5.5 and also Brita filters do the same!! This is because they are taking out the calcium salts that alkalinise the water. So when aiming to get alkaline, it is vital to check that you are drinking neutral or alkaline water and that you have a water filter which keeps the water alkaline.

I can report that on checking myself, my patients and my clients with litmus paper at first appointment that 97% of the time the person with cancer is the most acidic of the three of us. I can also confirm that all of those I have cared for who have had remarkable recoveries have turned themselves alkaline. So we must spread this information, and with all due respect to the originators of the theory, make a concerted effort to dispel the myth about acid-forming and alkaline forming foods.

Read more about Rosys work by clicking here.



Chris Woollams

Over the last 5 years so many worried, new cancer patients have approached me by fax, e mail, letter, queuing after speeches, or via Personal Prescription requests and more. It usually takes less than a couple of minutes to determine that, in 90 per cent of cases, these people at the time there cancer was diagnosed were both NUTRITIONALLY TOXIC and NUTRITIONALLY DEFICIENT.

Toxic because they have consumed too much salt, sugar, dairy, coffee, alcohol etc. Deficient because they lack essential cancer fighting vitamins like folic acid, B-12, Vitamin D or K and minerals as basic as potassium and magnesium. The latter may be due to a combination of poor diet, lack of beneficial bacteria, or yeast/microbe infections.

The traditional text book view of cancer development (that mutation of a cells DNA causes a rogue cell to form and this leads to cancer) is woefully inadequate. Everyday, you and I make several hundred rogue cells, but for several hundred thousand years our wonderful immune systems have simply mopped them up. US researchers in Croatia (covered previously in icon) showed conclusively no presence of cancer in skeletons older than about 100 years. The sad truth is that our modern immune systems just aren’t up to the job anymore. While Governments and Cancer Groups debate whether a factor (radiation, smoking etc) directly causes rogue cell production, the truth is far more likely that nowadays your cancer is more likely to have been indirectly caused by a WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Nutritional toxicity can come in several forms for example an excess of sodium (simple salt) and a deficiency in magnesium will lead to too much sodium in the power stations (the mitochondria) of your cells. This makes them less efficient (they normally use potassium), drawing in less oxygen, producing more cellular acidity and less energy. In extreme cases the energy produced is insufficient to power the p53 protective gene and cancer formation is on its way.

However that is just one possible way of producing your first cancer cell. In 2004 Wang and his team at Columbia made a ’Revolutionary Breakthrough’, claiming the text books needed to be re-written. In cases of stomach cancer they showed that, under the influence of the hormone oestrogen, your very own stem cells simply became stuck in that primitive state, dividing rapidly into a cancer tumour. It is now well understood that brain tumours can be the result of such a process, and the influence of oestrogen is seen in cancers from breast to prostate to colon.

But oestrogen doesn’t just influence stem cells. Oestradiol, an aggressive form of oestrogen, can bind to healthy cell receptor sites and create the same high sodium/low oxygen/high acid conditions described above. Other theories include colonisation by yeasts in certain areas of the body cutting off oxygen supplies to healthy cells and turning them anaerobic in other words into cancer cells. Indeed there may be many other ’ways’ cancer can develop clarified by scientists in the years to come.

So what are the lessons learned?

Firstly, there is no stereotype for cancer your cancer is as individual as you are. This is one reason why there is no blueprint for universal cure nor is that likely in the foreseeable future. Some cancers might be beaten in the short-term by ’therapies’ such as surgery, or even corrected by good diet, but none should ever be labelled ’cures’ under the strictest definition.

Secondly, the conditions that cause the disease may be localised but, more likely, exist throughout your body. An all-over-body disease demands an all-over-body solution. Janice Day in her Living Proof talks of ’mending your body’.

Thirdly, one wonders why Doctors and Oncologists ignore the immune systems of their patients. How many Doctors looking at their new patient ever say, Right, before we get going on the treatment programme, let’s get your immune system in tip-top condition? Worse, the therapies used in orthodox medicine make matters significantly worse. This is how my daughter was left fighting her brain tumour with no Natural Killer white immune cells left in her body. How was she supposed to beat the cancer? Sadly, whatever talk there is of new targeted breakthrough drugs, the majority of cancer patients are still treated with weapons of mass destruction.

But if your Doctor and Oncologist don’t recognise the advantage of a healthy immune system, help is on its way. The cavalry, in the form of microbiologists and biochemists are trying to find ways of stimulating your own immune system to kick out that cancer. Of course it’s not that easy. Some cancers block the process of immune recognition, If the cancer started with your own stem cells then the cellular DNA is hardly ’rogue’ and probably undetectable so yet again this may not be a ’universal cure’. But it is the hot topic in certain cancer labs right now. In Newcastle University Colin Self and his team are injecting ’cloaked’ antibodies directly into the tumour. After light is shone to breakdown the cloak, the antibodies stimulate the immune system to kick out the cancer. Early days yet but one can see a time when natural agents are used to do this not the debilitating chemotherapy drugs.

So what can you do, today?

Answer: Give yourself the very best package of therapies possible to rebuild your broken body. LOVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM cut out the bad food, alkalise it and nourish it with good ones. Cut out the factors that weaken your immune system from smoking to EMF’s, from pesticides to xenoestrogenic chemicals. Supplement to correct deficiencies, Take daily light exercise to increase oxygen levels and move your toxins out by moving your lymph. Try energy therapies (like acupuncture or cranial osteopathy) to further boost your immune system. Build an active programme to cut the people and things that cause you pain and stress out of your life. Etc Etc Etc."

In fact, do everything we’ve been telling you at CANCERactive for the last 5 years!


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