Americas FDA bans triclosan and 18 other chemicals of concern

Americas FDA bans triclosan and 18 other chemicals of concern

At last, the FDA has decided to ban triclosan – and for two reasons, it causes health problems, and it doesn’t work! Indeed, 19 similar ‘antibacterial’ agents in soaps and hand washes have been banned (for example triclocarban in soap bars) in total, with manufacturers given a year to comply. Three more chemicals require more evidence on safety (benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride and chloroxylenol).

The FDA has stated that manufacturers did not demonstrate that these antiseptic wash products were safe for long-term use.

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Chris Woollams founder of CANCERactive and ex-Oxford University Biochemist said, “About time too. We have been telling you since we started that these chemicals can cause muscle damage, hormonal interference and damage to the gut microbome. The problem is that they are not just in soaps and hand washes.

Worse, the chemical has been found in breast milk, babies, children, animals and fish. It is all pervasive, and should have been banned long ago. No such announcement has been made yet in Europe”.


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