An unhealthy gut microbiome helps worsen breast cancer

An unhealthy gut microbiome helps worsen breast cancer
University of Virginia researchers have shown that an unhealthy microbiome causes breast cancer and then the unhealthy microbiome increases mast cell infiltration into breast tumour tissue and this drives metastases.
We've told you before - all illness starts in the gut (Hippocrates). And that, with chronic illness, your gut microbiome gets ill first and, secondly, you can't get better until your microbiome gets better (Human Microbiome Project) This is exactly why, Chris Woollams rebuilds people's health when they have cancer, from the gut outwards. As he says frequently, when he builds a Personal Prescription for someone, he doesn't treat cancer; he treats people. They built a body conducive to cancer over a number of years - he builds them a body conducive to health!
Now, new research (1) from Melanie Rutkowski, PhD, of the UVA School of Medicine and the UVA Cancer Center, shows that Chris is absolutely correct in his approach. 
Rutkowski's research shows that not only does an unhealthy gut lead to changes in a healthy breast but that it also goes on to help breast cancer spread to other parts of the body. You must fix your gut. In the USA, only 29% of women with metastatic breast cancer survive five years.
In studies with mice Rutkowski's team showed that an unhealthy and inflammatory microbiome systematically changes the mammary tissue in healthy mice.  If you don't correct the microbiome, "these tissue changes enhance the infiltration of mast cells which in the presence of a tumour, facilitate breast tumor metastasis,” said Dr Rutkowski, “Mast cells recruited into the tissue environment during dysbiosis restructure the tissue architecture in such a way that tumor cells metastasize to other organs.”
The team also found that the mast cells increased the amount of collagen in the mice’s breast tissue and this caused an earlier cancer spread.
Doxycycline and cancer
There are people who recommend this antibiotic for cancer patients as an anti-cancer agent. This recommendation comes from two studies by Prof. Lisanti, one in a Laboratory Petri-dish and the other in women with a tumour in one breast about to be removed by surgery. It may have anti-angiogenesis properties, according to Iranian researchers (2).
We have heard that people claim this is a 'mild antibiotic' or 'only works in the upper part of the gut'. Both claims are nonsense.
Doxycycline is an antibiotic used to treat a wide range of infections and treats gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic and other bacteria (i.e All bacteria). It is an alternative to penicillin and can even treat Syphilis and cholera. Mild, it is not! It works via blood stream and prevents bacterial protein synthesis anywhere in the body (even lungs, skin, eyes), stopping bacteria reproducing. Source WebMD (3).
Doxycycline can also interact with oral contraceptives, antacids, calcium supplements, iron supplements and multivitamins. No doubt your prescribing doctor will have mentioned this. 
Chris Woollams says, "The Human Microbiome Project in the USA told us all that you gut gets ill first, then you get ill; and you can't get better until your gut gets better. Actually, this was about 2500 years after Hippocrates said much the same thing!
I absolutely hate unnecessary antibiotics for cancer patients - they should be banned unless absolutely essential. You can kill bad bacteria in UTIs with oregano oil, artemisinin and pau d'arco without microbiome damage.
People build a body conducive to cancer - why make it worse? We can, and do, heal cancer patients' microbiomes. We build them a body conducive to health - cancer does not flourish in a healthy body. 
Healing your gut involves four steps - heal the gut wall, kill the bad; add trillions of good; build a new gut lining. You can usually complete this in less than 20 weeks (4), although you probably need some help to do it. 
We are really not surprised by the University of Virginia research; it echoes everything we believe and why we always rebuild a patient's microbiome after conventional treatment ends. If blocking angiogenesis is an issue, we have a number of natural compounds that do that well. For example, a study in vivo, from Emory Medical School in Atlanta (5)."
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