Aspirin may stop breast cancer

Breast Cancer

Originally published in July-August 2004 icon

Accordingly to the American Medical Association, women who take more than seven aspirin pills per week reduced their risk by 29 per cent. The study involved 2862 women from Long Island, New York and also detected some reduction in older women who took other ’pain drugs’. The study concluded that aspirin was lower oestrogen levels.

(Ed: The National Cancer Institute have actually stated that more research is essential before one can make a link between oestrogen reduction and aspirin; at the moment this conclusion seems tenuous to say the least. In reality we have known that aspirin the production of excessive negative eicosanoids since 1982 when John Vane won his Nobel Prize and knighthood. Later research showed garlic, ginger and long chain omega 3 as found in fish oils are equally effective. My book "Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer" covers this and this is most definitely not new or ’breakthrough’ research as was claimed throughout the British Press).

Breast Cancer
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