Breast Cancer and Vaginal Dryness

Holistic Cancer Therapies

Breast cancer is a life-altering experience that is initially characterised by loss; loss of a precious breast, loss of hair, loss of energy and of self-esteem.  A less known but devastating loss can be the comfort in all senses of making love with one’s partner.

Loss of intimacy can have a number of causes prescribed drugs can lower the libido, a changed body image can damage sexual confidence and the trauma of surgery can make even the prospect, let alone the reality of intercourse too painful to contemplate.

But even when desire is present, it is often the unexpected and unwelcome symptom of vaginal dryness, which sabotages sexual communion.  For a woman who is used to arousal naturally triggering her own lubrication almost as a signal of welcome to her partner the failure of this response can be very distressing.
The drug induced suppression of oestrogen in cases of oestrogen receptor positive cancers is vital, but propels the body into a sudden menopause, with all its attendant symptoms.

When lowered oestrogen levels cause vaginal dryness, there is the need for an intimate moisturiser, which will restore familiar vaginal moisture while respecting the sensitivity of the body without compromising the immune system or disrupting the hormone balance.

As women who are living through cancer have learned to review and subject to scrutiny all the everyday household and personal care products they use, to ensure they will support and not challenge their healing, the choice of a gentle and effective intimate lubricant and moisturiser, whether for day-to-day comfort or for making love, is crucial.

A growing number of such women, and their breast care nurses now celebrate the discovery of products from Yes Pure Intimacy, which are benign, restorative, discreet and reassuringly natural.  Free of all hormones and the hormone mimics which are found in parabens preservatives and Grapefruit seed extract, Yes lubricants are formulated to be free of all know skin irritants, to nourish the delicate vaginal mucosal membranes, and offer guaranteed purity through their organic certification.

In their purity, efficacy and naturalness, Yes products are uniquely suitable for women recovering from cancer who want to confidently banish symptoms of dryness, itching and irritation, and to restore sexual activity.

Yes water-based is created from plant-based gums which have a long proven history of healing and hydrating the mucus membranes. The soft clear gel is colourless, odourless and closely resembles the texture of a woman’s own natural lubrication, making it very familiar yet discreet in action that moisturises impressively and is available in tubes and single use applicators. For more pronounced vaginal atrophy, or to combine with soothing intimate massage, Yes oil-based is ideal.

Yes products, certified organic by the Soil Association, classified medical devices, plant based and parabens free, present the safest and most effective solution to chemically or surgically induced dryness. 
When a woman is ready to welcome touch and tenderness, pleasure and passion back into her life, her body can safely say yes again, with Yes.
For more information visit or to buy their water based lubricant and moisturiser click here.

Holistic Cancer Therapies
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