Building your personal cancer Treatment Programmme

Building your personal cancer Treatment Programmme

This article tells you how to start building your own personal anti-cancer treatment programme.  At CANCERactive we believe that by far the best way to increase your personal odds of beating cancer is through a thorough anti-cancer programme tailored to you, your specific situation, your cancer type and your personal situation.

You have two choices:

Choice 1. We have a wealth of information on this Website. And to tell you what is important and to help you build your own personal programme, we have developed The ACTIVE8 programme. Thie aim of this programme is to be thorough and to ensure you tackle each of the areas that might allow a cancer to grow.

Go to: The ACTIVE8 Programme

Choice 2. If you really are stuck, you can contact Chris Woollams on [email protected] and ask if he will build you a Personal Programme, or Personal Prescription as they used to be called (a PP).

Chris is one of the Founders of CANCERactive. He never thought to offer this service until he helped Geoffrey Boycott (tongue cancer) and Galina Dean (Grade 4, stage 4, ovarian cancer), on a two day visit to the UK to speak on the BBC. Both are still alive today, 15 years later.

Go to: Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams

Even then, he did not really offer PPs for 5 years and people paid the charity. This has changed over the years - please be clear, he does these in his spare time, and he simply cannot deal with the volume of requests that now come from all over the world. Word of Mouth on successes has brought an incredible response. He will do his best to fit you in. (Nok is his PA).

The consultation lasts 2 hours. You receive a written report and a reading list, which takes him another hour. For this he charges a fee. PPs are now not connected to CANCERactive in any way, although Chris still makes donations and pays for some staff.

You can see what people who have had a PP think by going to: Feedback and Comments on PPs

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N.B. If you book a PP, you will be dealing directly with Chris. He has not lived in the UK since 2002, and so uses Zoom or Skype for these meetings. 

Chris already donates unbelievable amounts of his time without remuneration, to CANCERactive. Chris writes all the Latest News items, and updates articles. He edits the Website and does all the SEO and Website admin. He, himself ,paid for the original two Websites. On top of this he writes, prepares and edits icon magazine, which goes into 640 Hospitals and cancer centres in the UK. He has funded several in the past. He makes videos for free - for the general public and specifically for the members area. He has launched the Sunday Show to raise more funds for the Charity and a percentage of his book sales goes to the charity.

He provides a Worldwide e-magazine that features articles in CANCERactive; and he provides a service achieving social media coverage for CANCERactive, both without remuneration. 

About 4 years ago, he had to make a decision - keep earning income from various other business interests; or continue to help CANCERactive.  We persuaded him to carry on with CANCERactive, but doing PPs as his own interest and he now charges his own fees - although he kindly offers PPs as Charity fund raising prizes, pays for several staff, and still makes donations when we need some extra funds! 

He is currently trying to fund the next generation of CANCERactive management - after all, he is almost 71.



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