Can artemisinin kick out HPV from your body?

Can artemisinin kick out HPV from your body?
The natural compound artemisinin, or sweet wormwood, and its derivatives seem to have great potential as a treatment for HPV. Several laboratory studies have shown efficacy, and in cases of compassionate usage, clinical studies have shown a solid performance against the virus (1).
Artemisinin has low toxicity with healthy cells and, in a 2015 study by Mondal and Chatterji (2), it was clearly shown to have anti-cancer effects in human cervical cancer cells that had been the result of HPV infection. The study found that not only could artemisinin cause apoptosis (cell death) but it repressed cell proliferation by inhibiting telomerase ERα and even inhibited VEGF known to activate blood supply production to tumours (angiogenesis).
Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive said, “Artemisinin, or sweet wormwood, is a powerful natural compound with effects against parasites, pathogens such as E coli, yeasts and even cancer cells. I find it interesting that several studies now talk of it as a ‘simple means of treatment’ for HPV, when the vaccine industry is so adamant that we have to vaccinate even children to have a chance of success”.
Goodrich’s team concluded ‘Laboratory studies have shown that this compound, and its derivatives, have activity against HPV-infected and -transformed cells and cervical cancer cells.’
Woollams added, “People need to remember that the issue isn’t just cervical cancers, but cancers of the throat too”.


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