Cancer Options

Cancer Options

Cancer Information 

Cancer Options is an independent consultancy providing information and coaching on all approaches to cancer.

Run by Patricia Peat, a former oncology nurse who has spent many years investigating the various approaches to dealing with cancer. After many years of giving chemotherapy, she learnt through her patients the benefits of integrating different and more natural cancer approaches. She went to find for herself what CAM medicine was all about and bring quality unbiased information back to people so they can make their own decisions.

Patricia Peat
RGN Dip Pall C Dip UTR

Services offered by Cancer Options

  • Consultancy and information on all orthodox treatments

  • Recommendations for second opinions

  • Personal dietary, supplement and herbal regimes

  • Supportive regimes compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy programmes

  • Discussion and assessment of holistic elements

  • Consultancy and information on all complementary treatments for cancer

  • Analysis of underlying physical imbalances contributing to ill health

  • Analysis of underlying holistic elements contributing to ill health and identification of approaches to deal with them.

  • Organising treatment programmes both here and abroad

  • Ongoing assessment of effectiveness of programmes via biochemical profiling of cancer

  • Plan a long-term strategy to develop and maintain a holistic approach to keeping yourself in a positive state of health.


You should telephone to enquire about costs - we have had reports that they can be quite expensive.


Dr Chris Etheridge wishes us to make it quite clear that he is not a medical Doctor, and has never claimed to be one. Nor was there mention anywhere on this CANCERactive site that he was a medical Doctor. He has a number of Phds and is a researcher of published information, which is exactly what it said previously on this page. He ceased working with Cancer Options over 4 years ago in 2007.

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