Cancer Research - a big business in the UK

Cancer Research - a big business in the UK
Cancer Research UK announced its annual business figures to March 31st 2017.
The key points were:


  • £1million loss because of an actuarial deficit in the Pension fund 

  • A record group income of £679.2m

  • £32m from property transactions

  • £472.6m spending on charitable activities (an increase of 1% on last year) 
Almost £1.6 million was spent on the Executive team with Sir Harpal Kumar earning almost £ 250,000. 188 employees earn over £60,000.
The report declared that their priorities in cancer prevention were:
1. Call for sustainable support for tobacco control programmes
2. Ensure e-cigarettes are appropriately regulated
3. Continue to lead the conversation and fund research on the underlying link between obesity and cancer


4. Support the implementation of England’s childhood obesity plan and campaign for a strong strategy in Scotland.
They also provide funding to help prevent cancers worldwide through their Grand Challenge Campaign.
The latest data (including skin cancer) shows that almost 28,000 people develop cancer in the UK every month.
Chris Woollams, founder of CANCERactive, described their efforts in and commitment to cancer prevention as ’lamentable’. 
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