DCIS on the rise - breast cancer concerns

DCIS on the rise - breast cancer concerns



DCIS On The Rise; Breast Cancer Concerns


In 1997 2,910 women were diagnosed with what are presumed to be precancerous cells (DCIS); and by 2002 this had grown to 3,800 women. Professor Tony Howell says that this rise is down to the success of the National Breast Screening Programmes and that now we need to find the most effective treatment programme.


A Cancer Research UK’s press release states that DCIS is a pre-cancerous state that often turns into an invasive cancer if not treated. However, in 2004 at the US Conference on Breast Cancer, (covered in icon ), UCLA’s top professor on the subject stated that 80 per cent of DCIS never turned into cancer, and suggested that it was not a pre-cancerous state but actually calcium deposits in the ducts.

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