Deaths from Breast cancer in UK plunge

2014 Research
A study on deaths from Breast cancer in the UK from 1989 to 2010 show that, having started as the worst country in Europe, Britain has largely rectified the problem with a 41% improvement. 


This dramatic fall has coincided with the huge movement to ‘Self-empowerment’ by British women. Over two-thirds now search the internet for information, visit the complementary cancer centres that have sprung up all over the UK, and employ Complementary and Integrative Cancer Therapies (CIM) around their Doctor’s traditional Orthodox medicine. 


All this despite poor performance from screening mammograms, which have recently been confirmed as saving few if any lives while resulting in serious levels of over-diagnosis, stress and unnecessary and dangerous treatment. 


Furthermore a study by Cancer Research UK showed that women could be divided into 10 sub-groups for breast cancer, but there was only orthodox treatment available for two of the groups. And in 2012 it was clearly shown that no drugs tackled the cancer stem cells existing at the heart of breast cancer tumours. 


Complementary and Integrative Treatment programmes have clearly been shown to double survival rates by excellent establishments such as the Block Centre for Integrative Medicine in Chicago. The same sort of results are clearly having an impact in the UK, despite the known limitations of traditional orthodox medicine.  


Breast cancer deaths fall is the fastest in Europe in the last two decades with  
the drop of up to 41 per cent being hailed as ‘spectacular’.
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British patients started with the worst odds of survival with breast cancer death rates in England and Wales the highest in Europe.  


As usual ‘cancer experts’ attributed the ‘dramatic’ change to advances in drugs and other treatments, better awareness among women and health professionals, and better organisation within the NHS. 


The figures also show France was one of the worst performing countries over the last 20 years, with a cut of only 17 per cent in death rates. And it had the lowest reduction of any European country in death rates of women under 50. 


Prof Philippe Autier from IARC said, ‘There is something going on here that we don’t understand’ as France devotes substantial resources to cancer care and women there have access to the best treatment’. 


Clearly the best ‘orthodox treatment is not enough. Complementary and Integrative therapies are crucial. 


Autier confirmed that mammogram screening has failed to make an impact in countries like the UK as it did not detect deadly cancers at an earlier stage.  


Apparently, one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every ten minutes in the UK. 








2014 Research
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