Disease and infection as a cause of cancer

Disease and infection as a cause of cancer

Disease and infection as a cause of cancer

Disease is our third D in our 3D approach to preventing cancer.

The first question you need to ask yourself is Do you have a parasite?


Think again. The tummy upset on that holiday in Spain; the sushi, the exotic fruit you eat that wasnt washed properly. Even kissing (dirty habit!) can give you a parasite! Most of us probably have some sort of infection.

And no Cancer prevention programme can be complete without trying to erradicate that infection or prevent getting it in the first place.

Parasites are organisms living off your body, draining you of nourishment and creating a toxic, immune weakening environment. The category can include viruses, bacteria, yeasts and even candida, and parasites themselves. All of these are infections that can seriously weaken your body. All of these could be a cause of cancer and all can be addressed ion preventing cancer.

The World Health Organisation states that 15 per cent of cancers may be caused through disease. Cancer Research UK has put a figure of 25 per cent on some reports. Now the drug companies are looking into the whole issue in depth. Humanpapilloma virus (HPV) has been deemed the cause of cervical cancer, and a vaccine has been developed that might save 700 lives a year in the UK, albeit in 30 years time, or so. Theres big money in cancer prevention if viruses are found to lie behind cancers, and vaccines can be developed. But this is actually old news.

Back in the 1930s and 40s an American scientist Royal Rife  felt that in every cancer there was a virus lurking. He was laughed at and his work ridiculed, his laboratories were raided and destroyed. Why? Because hed had the audacity to invent a machine that could zap the virus. In the 1980s many Pharma companies started looking for viruses behind cancers but their techniques were not advanced enough. But now in the 21st century, techniques have improved - and think of all that wonderful profit companies could make from vaccines if there was a virus at the heart of every cancer!
But viruses are really just sophisticated parasites. And there are many parasites. They do not have to be three feet long but, more often than not, actually microbes or bacteria. Helicobacter pylori is linked to stomach cancer for example. Some microbes are yeasts or fungi. You can read more about this in our opening article Disease - The Third Pillar  of cancer.
By far the most common parasite - it infects at least 75 per cent of the population of the Western World is yeast - a misleading and general title that includes yeasts, fungi, and microbes. How many of our female readers have had cystitis or thrush? Or our male readers, athletes foot or a yellow nail?
Our second article looks at the common candida (Can Candida cause cancer?)-  and the school of thought that says quite simply that it weakens and poisons you to such an extent that it can lie behind cancer and it is essential you clear it up immediately.
Mumbo jumbo? Well, think again. In the last 6 years there have been over 100 clinical trials and 4000 research studies on the role of beneficial bacteria in your well-being. Without them, the bad guys - the yeasts, microbes and bacteria - flourish inside you. A lack of beneficial bacteria  has been proven to cause weakened immune systems, and has been shown to result in increased risk of not just colon cancer and stomach cancer but also breast cancer and probably many more. These good bacteria can break down unwanted, dangerous nitrosamines and oestrogens in our gut, they can bind to (chelate) heavy metals and toxins and thus help us excrete them, and they provide vitamins like B-12 and K for us. Without them you are severly weakened and exposed to cancer. Yet Governments and Doctors not only do not know of this research, the actively kill off these protective systems with their chlorinated water, insistence on pasteurisation, sterilisation and irradiation and their vaccines, antbiotics, steroids and drugs.
Essential reading for everyone with or without cancer.

Disease and infection as a cause of cancer
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