Dr Josef Issels and the Issels Clinic

Dr Josef Issels and the Issels Clinic


Integrative Immunotherapy for CancerJoseph Issels M.D. opened the first Integrative Hospital (the Ringberg Clinic) specialising in immunotherapy and cancer in 1951. His success in treating cancer led him to become one of the ’expert members’ in the German Commission in the fight against cancer from 1981 until his retirement in 1987.
He started treating cancer patients in 1948 and by 1970 the Hospital had 120 beds and specialised in immunotherapy, hyperthermia and the microbiology of cancer.
Virtually all his patients were people for whom ’orthodox’ medicine had failed. In a report featuring 370 patients, Issels reduced the recurrence of cancer from the normal rate at the time of 50 per cent, to just 17 per cent. A number of independent studies verified this figure.
The Clinic conducted a large number of research studies and pioneered the concept of Immunotherapy, where the immune system was boosted to increase its strength and enable it to identify and destroy cancer cells.
To quote, "Various research-based treatments are used including cancer vaccines. Treatment focuses both on the tumour and the terrain inside the body".

Patient Success
The Clinic claimed to have treated thousands of people. Iseels work was taken over by his sons and others, with his wife (Ilse Marie) overseeing it all. Issels died in 1998 and his obituary in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine described him as the ’Father of Integrative Medicine’. Records are kept of all patients and reports produced on effectiveness. Issels himself produced over 50 peer-reviewed papers.
Frankly, if you search ’Issels’ on the Internet you will be amazed at the discussion forums available, and the plethora of ’I was treated successfully’ claims. However, people frequently talk of ’expense’. Beware, and be sure you understand all costings before you go.

To quote again from their web site "Nutritional immunotherapy, autohemotherapy, enzymatic therapy, oxidative therapies, photoluminescence therapy (ultraviolet light therapy), laetrile therapy, polarizing solutions, glandular, phytotherapy, homeopathy, intravenous nutrition, nutraceuticals, psychological guidance, physical therapy, and more are all a part of a good alternative cancer treatment plan."
Yet, the fact is that these are not used as ’Alternatives’ but in combination with orthodox medicine. The centre uses vaccines from Dendritic Cell vaccines to Coley’s toxins, and Stem Cell Therapy too. The web site makes much of detailed results and talks of ’long-term remission of advanced, and incurable, cancers.

After he started his hospital in 1951, his fame grew. For whatever reason, other doctors, especially those on the Bavarian Medical Council, attacked his work and charges of fraud and manslaughter were brought against him. Initially he was found guilty, but this was subsequently overturned.
Issels now has clinics in various parts of the world. The American Cancer Society has said that there is no evidence that Issels combination Therapy, or any part of it, is effective against cancer. There are people who believe Dendritic Cell Vaccines hold promise and there are clinical trials on the effects of localised hyperthermia.

Contact Details
There are Issels Clinics currently located at Santa Barbara California, Tijuana Mexico and at other locations. Different locations have different specialist strengths -just ask! The contact phone number is (US) 1.888.447.7357
Further Reading
We have covered Coley’s Toxins and Hyperthermia, and Dendritic Cell vaccines elsewhere on the site under Alternative Cancer Therapies. And The Oasis of Hope is covered in this section on Private Cancer Clinics.


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