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Fundraising can come about in so many different ways - in fact FUNDRAISING for CANCERactive could be called FUN RAISING! There are lots of different events that you can join in to raise money for CANCERactive both at home and abroad; walking, cycling, sailing or jumping out of airplanes and more. Have a look at the list below and click on the event that you like the look of to find out more and sign up.


UK Events





Cycling from London to Paris is one of the best 

cycling experiences in Europe. Add some Tour de 

France excitement into the mix and you will have 

enjoyed simply the best road cycling challenge we 

have to offer. As we enter Paris in one large peloton, 

the crowds will be cheering thinking the Tour has 

reached the city one day early! The atmosphere is 

simply electric!

London to Paris Bike Ride – TDF Route 1

15 Jun 2020 - 19 July 2020


London to Paris TdF Brochure


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UK Events



Tandem Skydive

Freefall at over 120mph with one of our 10,000 feet tandem skydives – and if you raise the minimum sponsorship money you get to skydive for FREE!





Accelerated Freefall Solo Skydive

Take the first part of a professional skydivers course and skydive solo from 10,000 feet – and if you raise the minimum sponsorship money you get to skydive for FREE!

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Static Line Square Parachute Jump

Take a day’s training and learn how to make a 3,000 feet solo parachute jump – and if you raise the minimum sponsorship money you will get to jump for FREE!


Static Line Square Parachute Jump



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