Hemp oil slows ovarian cancer cell spread

Hemp oil slows ovarian cancer cell spread


Researchers from Sullivan University College of Pharmacy, Kentucky have shown(1) that compounds in Hemp oil can slow migration in ovarian cancer cell cultures. A second study showed that the Hemp oil slowed secretion of Interleukin IL-beta which would produce inflammation and leads to metastases.

The researchers have now conducted a number of studies on Hemp Oil, which contains high CBD but very little of the psychotropic cannabinoids of THC. 

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and a founder of CANCERactive said, “The question we are often asked is ‘Is hemp as good as cannabis?’ The researchers here said that in the CBD-rich Hemp oil they had achieved results as good as those achieved in Ovarian Cancer cells with the current ovarian cancer drug Cisplatin. While cannabis has THC, the levels of CBD are much higher in hemp and each has its benefits. You really cannot say that Hemp is inferior to cannabis - they are just different.

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"Cannabinoids have been shown effective in pain relief for cancer and MS(2). In one study sponsored by the NIH, cannabinoids were shown to reduce the need of pain-killing opioids in cancer patients by 47%. Two cannabinoid-based drugs, dronabinol and nabilone, have been approved by the FDA in America for the treatment of nausea during chemo. The National Cancer Institute says that they work better than a lot of their previously approved drugs(3)."

Sara Biela and Chase Turner, graduate students at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy presented their findings on Hemp oil and ovarian cancer at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, April 2018.



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