How to choose a cancer centre or cancer specialist

How to choose a cancer centre or cancer specialist

How to choose a centre / specialist

One of the things people with cancer often say is that everyone they know seems to have something to recommend drink this, take that, see this person who does this amazing therapy, stop eating that stuff, start eating this.  It can be overwhelming.

The great danger is that cancer patients then try to do too much, taking a bit of everything. A touch of panic can set in, a fear that they might be missing someting. They are at their most vulnerable a time when they can be ’sold’ the quack therapies of the unscrupulous.

That is why we recommend that you find a practitioner / clinic where you can get an integrated programme under the guidance of one dedicated specialist, who is a real professional with experience of your cancer.

But which - or who do you choose? 

First of all, you could begin by treating all of the clinics and specialists listed as though you are interviewing them for a very important position (which is, in fact, exactly what you are doing!)

Then there are some key questions to be asked.

  1. How many patients have been treated with your sort of cancer at the level and stage of your cancer?

  2. What have the results been?  You need specifics on this, for example, how many patients are still being monitored/checked in on?  How long have they been monitored for? What kind of regime did they do? 

  3. When the programme hasn’t worked, what have the factors been that led to that?

  4. How long do I need to do this programme for?

  5. How easy is it to do at home?

  6. Will I need help to do it at home?

  7. How much will it all cost? Factor in consultancy fees, travel, cost of supplements and different treatments over the time you might be doing the programme.

  8. Do you LIKE the practitioner and feel you could have a good relationship with them?  It’s really important that you trust the person/organisation and their style of working fits well with yours. 

  9. Do they have anyone they could refer you to to discuss their experience?  This is especially important if you are going abroad for your treatment.  Finding someone at home who has been there and done it can be very reassuring.


Some people have found it helpful to get a friend or two to do the initial checking out.  Then you can compare the information you get before making your own personal contact. 


Good luck!

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