Hurn Forest Clinic - David Broom MIRCH

Hurn Forest Clinic - David Broom MIRCH

David is a registered Medical Herbalist with 30 years of practice experience. His clinic uses BIO-RESONANCE TESTING and Russian GDV ANALYSIS for assessing diet and body functions. The latest addition is a Russian Metatron Hunter 4025 which can litterally scan your whole body for anomalies.

These devices assist in monitoring the progress of patients and helping to devise support programs, which include dietary correction,  fresh juices,  traditional herbal medicine and DNA Bio-encoding. Gene Pathway and Neurotransmitter tests are often used to help in the compilation of individual programs for patients. 

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David believes that serious illness can be triggered by emotional stresses, echoing past memories.  He has developed a system of analysis which can help patients suffering from chronic illness to cope with their condition and further their progress through a positive framework using Emotional Freedom Techniques and affirmations. 

Hurn Forest near Ringwood, is in a peaceful setting where patients can feel at ease in a natural environment. The clinic is located just off the main Bournemouth to Poole Road.

The clinic can test for food and chemical sensitivities, and has been operating for 35 years under David Broom MIRCH.

Bookings are by Appointment only - phone Judy on 01202 874149

Go to: An article by David Broom on how to avoid pesticides in fruit and vegetables

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