Italian Army growing cannabis for medicine in Italy

Italian Army growing cannabis for medicine in Italy

The Italian Government and their doctors believe that cannabis has strong medicinal properties. In Italy it is prescribed for pain relief and for illnesses from MS to cancer. The Italians were buying cannabis from Holland but a growing demand has forced them to create new drug barons – in the army.

Colonel Antonio Medica is in charge of the operations and has grown 100 kgs in the past 12 months. His production line started at the end of 2014.

The plants are grown in a secure room under false lighting at a pharmaceutical factory on an army base near Florence. Soldiers working on the project have titles such as ‘Master grower’. The army’s Medical Division has a long history of supporting the population and developing treatments.

Doctors and pharmacists claim that the end product is of very high, consistent quality and can be trusted. It is considerably cheaper than the Dutch product. Already supplies are in high demand in Italy and are running out. The Army have been told to grow even more of the cannabis which is sold in pots containing tablets of 5 mg.

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