Please support Jack Daly in the 2021 London Marathon

Please support Jack Daly in the 2021 London Marathon

American Jack Daly from California has chosen to raise money for CANCERactive when he runs in the October 2021 VMLM London Marathon; Jack’s lovely wife Bonnie lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in October 2017, his daughter is in remission from colon cancer, and Jack is currently taking immunotherapy for his own melanoma; the race is on October 3rd 2021.  

At 67, Jack is a successful businessman who has launched a number of truly successful companies in America. He then moved on to a second life coaching people to fulfill their business dreams. But then tragedy struck. In his own words, "My wife Bonnie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer in February 2017 and lost her battle a short 8 months later. I have pledged my life since Bonnie's diagnosis to raising money in honour of her valiant fight and believe that together we will beat this horrible disease."

Jack's daughter Melissa is now 7 years cancer-free after her bout with colon cancer, but a couple of years ago Jack himself was diagnosed with a melanoma on the top of his head. All seemed well but recently a gland on the side of his neck has swelled and he has just started a year of Pembrolizumab (Keytruda). (We think our own Chris Woollams has sent him a few tips! On personality, business acumen, golf and sport plus a daughter with cancer, they seem to have a lot in common!)

Jack applied for his first 'Iron Man' competition when he was 57 - it starts with a 2.3 mile swim. He didn't even know how to swim! 10 years later, when he runs for CANCERactive in London, it will be his 99th Marathon. Jack will be flying in from his home in San Clemente.

Why CANCERactive? "I like the way they help people - a magazine in hospitals, books and a website that empower people with well-researched complementary and integrative therapies. We are both setting ourselves goals and trying to make a real difference."

To support Jack and CANCERactive please CLICK THIS LINK

Jack adds, "Thank you for supporting my participation in the 2021 London Marathon and donating to CANCERactive! See you out there - and if you see me, let's share a HUG!"

Find out more about Jack Daly HERE

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