Kenilworth Catherine Corner

Kenilworth Catherine Corner

A New Catherine Corner is Created

Inspiration is what Volunteer Regional Executive Diana Richardson felt when she walked into Margaret Hills Heath Food Stores in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.  She met with the staff who were so helpful and passionate about their work that Diana thought these are people who would recognise that same passion which we at CANCERactive have in the work that we do.  She talked about why the charity was founded, icon our quarterly magazine, our 2,000 page web site and then thought that the health food store would be an ideal location to site a Catherine Corner.

A Catherine Corner provides easy access to usable, jargon-free cancer information on the very latest cancer treatments from all over the world. Expert research and clinical trials on complementary and alternative therapies, not just orthodox ones.

In a Catherine Corner you will find:

  • direct access to our unique and comprehensive website

  • all information provided in easy-to-read article format

  • all available in printable format

  • purpose built folders for your print outs

  • a full set of all icon magazines since the very first issue

  • helpful wall charts and leaflets as downloads

  • a library of relevant books

  • a relaxed and informal atmosphere with drinks and help on hand

Like all seeds, the idea needed time to germinate and grow and in the spring of this year the idea of fund raising to finance a Catherine Corner was adopted with passion by the team at Margaret Hills Clinic and Margaret Hills Health Food Store. After lots of thought CANCERactive were contacted and asked if we considered that an event could be developed around two particular activities.

These activities were to be done publicly within the confines of Millar Court in Kenilworth. We thought it was a great idea and were kept informed of all the subsequent developments.

The date of the event was arranged for Saturday July 11th from 10:30am-4pm and the following was organised:

  • A justgiving page was set up for friends and supporters to sponsor the lads for their "Bravery" and this remains open for anyone to add their support:

  • The Hair Studio in Millar Court offered their services to cut and shave Harlan’s hair and ensure that the cut hair could then be donated to a charity who create wigs for children and adults who have lost their hair due to the effects of chemotherapy etc.

  • Heavenly FX in Millar Court offered to arrange the waxing of Ryan’s legs.

  • A raffle was organised, which involved all the local shops and businesses in Millar Court donating lovely prizes.

  • Earl Cameron, actor in film and television, was invited to help draw the raffle (Earl was awarded the CBE earlier this year and celebrated his 93rd birthday in August. His most recent performance was playing the role of a rather unpleasant African dictator in the film "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman)

  • Entertainment throughout the day was to be provided by: Lament, whose music is described as "World Music with Latino/Flamenco influence; Andy Longfield who played blues and jazz on his saxophone; Scott Willson playing a melody of blues and jazz on saxophone and clarinet and Jack Hopkins  played guitar solo.

  • Dancers from the Maggie Gallagher School of Irish Dancing accepted the invitation to display their uplifting and energetic dancing.

  • Annie and Christian from Forest of Arden Healing Arts offered on site massage in return for donations on

  • Waitrose, whose newly built supermarket is opposite Margaret Hills Health Food Store, offered free parking space to supporters of the event as well as a fantastic food hamper for the raffle.

  • Kenilworth Lions supplied the public address system.

  • Leek Wootton Church kindly suggested that their gazebo may be of use for shade from the sun or rain dependent upon the weather.

To create an eye catching display at both entrances to Millar Court, Something Special, donated all the helium to inflate the large number of balloons and Angie Rossborough from Margaret Hills Health Food Store created beautiful and inspiring display boards which illustrated aspects of CANCERactive and the role of Catherine Corners.

All was set and on Saturday July 11th I travelled from home which is on The Wirral Peninsula to Kenilworth. To my dismay the weather progressively changed from overcast to heavy rain and low mist. In Kenilworth it was warm but very wet. However, the music and dancing that greeted you upon arrival in Millar Court was a great way to help banish the effect of the grey skies. The team from Margaret Hills which included Christine, Julia, Gill, Angie and Naomi as well as their family and friends were engaged in selling raffle tickets (from under the shelter of a very large umbrella), offering goody bags for sale at 5 (which was great value), encouraging supporters of the event to fill the CANCERactive collection tins with lots of money as well as all the other work involved in the creation of a successful fund raising day. 

The hours flew by helped by the wonderful summery music provided from under the shelter of the much needed gazebo. Ryan bore the leg waxing with great fortitude. Those of us standing by couldn’t help but wince when we realised how much leg hair was going to be removed! Harlan remained composed whilst watching his locks being cut off without a mirror to see the initial effect!

By mid afternoon the sun broke through and blue sky revealed itself.  Earl Cameron announced the winners of the raffle with great charm and everyone present said how much they had enjoyed the event.

The team from Margaret Hills deserve to be proud of their brilliant efforts and we at CANCERactive would like to congratulate them on raising the wonderful amount of 1,115.00 .

On Wednesday 23rd September Chris Woollams came to the Margaret Hills Health Food Store (Tel: 01926 850 019) in Kenilworth to officially declare the new Catherine Corner open.

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