Liver cancer and oral health

Liver cancer and oral health

Poor oral health is linked to a 75% increased risk of Liver cancer according to researchers from Queen’s University Belfast; it is also linked to a 13% increased risk of colorectal cancer and, in previous research, to pancreatic cancer.

In the study (1) the researchers analysed data from 469,000 people in the UK and were primarily focused on colorectal cancer. They found a 13% increased risk due to a self-confessed ‘poor oral health’ on the questionnaire forms.

However, for Hepatocellular cancer the risk was considerably greater, at 75% increased risk.

Liver cancer is a rapidly growing statistic with 60,000 deaths across Europe. It has been previously linked to alcohol, smoking, poor diet, viruses and obesity. There are four different forms of primary liver cancer and although some are caused by hereditary factors, obesity, alcohol and viral infections were thought of as the primary causes.  We have an updated overview of the disease on this Website with all causes, symptoms and showing treatment options such as monoclonal drugs, immunotherapy, the Nanonknife and Ablation. 

Go to: Liver Cancer overview - symptoms, causes and treatment alternatives

Oral health and gum disease bacteria have been linked before to heart disease, diabetes and pancreatic cancer

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