Milk Thistle compound suppresses brain metastases

Milk Thistle compound suppresses brain metastases

People with lung cancer and metastases to the brain receiving silibinin (from Silybum marianum) during whole brain radiotherapy, showed significantly superior overall survival, In a 2017 study (1).

The Spanish researchers were studying the poor survival of NSCLC patients whose cancer had progressed to the brain. They concluded that the Silibin had suppressive effects on the progressive brain metastases involving a marked reduction of the peritumoral brain odema, but no effect on the primary lung cancer.

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The researchers went on to hypothesise that Silibin might have effects on all such brain cancers regardless of the original source. There have been previous studies involving Milk Thistle with breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia. It is commonly believed to be a strengthening tonic for the liver and there is research showing it reduces liver toxicity during chemotherapy (2).

We have previously covered the effects of milk thistle and curcumin with colorectal cancer cells (3) and also its effect in Cushing disease caused by a tumour in the Pituitary gland (4)

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