Multi-hormone approach for breast cancer involves vitamin D

2014 Research

Dr. Tan Ince is a pathology professor at the University of Miami and an accomplished breast cancer researcher He is working on a new personalized multi-hormone treatment protocol for breast cancer patients.

And one of the hormones he is looking at is … vitamin D.  As we have told you before – it’s not really a vitamin, it’s a hormone!

As a member of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ince has spent the past 15 years researching the role of non-genetic factors in the development of cancer.

In a peer-reviewed paper published in 2014, Ince’s research identified at least 11 distinct breast cell ‘subtypes’, going on to determine that each of these subtypes have hormone receptors that all behave uniquely — and have the potential to

respond to oestrogen, Vitamin D and androgen (or to just one or two of these hormones).

“This was the first time any breast-cancer research had been done on all three hormones simultaneously,” Ince says. Ince’s thesis is that doses of chemotherapy can be reduced by using combinations of two of the three, and he is hoping to go to clinical trials soon.

Professor Hollick of Harvard Medical School once proclaimed that "25% less women would die of breast cancer if they had adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood".

You can really only derive vitamin D from sunshine on the skin, or supplementation. A little comes from fish oils. Harvard recommended that every cancer patient took 5,000IUs a day (that’s about 4 hours in good sunshine)

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2014 Research
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