Researchers find vitamin C inhibits cancer stem cell growth

Researchers find vitamin C inhibits cancer stem cell growth

Researchers from the University of Salford, near Manchester, U.K. found that, in laboratory tests, vitamin C inhibited the growth of cancer cells. In particular, Vitamin C ‘starved Cancer Stem Cells’. Cancer stem cells have been found to lie at the heart of all cancers.

No drug is currently available that can kill a Cancer Stem Cell. Indeed, this is the main reason why drugs can knock a tumour back, 50, 60 or even 70 per cent, but unless you actively take certain precautions it can re-grow. Vitamin C was found by the researchers to inhibit glycolysis, the process by which cancer cells (and yeasts and certain microbes) feed.

In a side by side test, vitamin C was observed to be 10 times more potent than the new drug 2-DG.

The researchers at Salford had been looking at a number of bioactive compounds, such as CAPE (in bee propolis) and milk thistle (silmarin). Vitamin C was more effective that either. The research was led by Dr. Gloria Bonuccelli and Dr. Michael Lisanti.
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Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive added, "At the National Cancer Institute in America scientists like Dr. Young S. Kim have done a lot of work on Bioactive natural compounds and shown that, while eating a poor diet allows a cancer to re-grow, eating a good diet containing any of a number of ’Bioactive natural compounds can increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning’. It is well worth reading this report if you have cancer."

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