Soy may have a breast cancer promoting effect in some women

2014 Research

Despite research in the past stating clearly that soy had a protective effect in breast cancer, there have always been doubts about the claim.

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A new study involving just 140 women showed that the half who took a supplement of soy powder showed a link with some genetic changes in the breast, unlike the half who took a placebo. This was done between seven and thirty days before breast cancer surgery (Journal of National Cancer Institute, Sept 4th  2014). 


“We do not know the affects of taking soy for a longer period, nor did the study look at soy and breast cancer prevention,” said Dr Jackie Bromberg a breast cancer oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

In any event, women should not give up consuming large volumes of cows’ dairy when they have cancer, only to replace it with large volumes of soy.


2014 Research
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