Sponsorship also plays a big part in Fundraising events. To help, read our handy sponsorship ideas below:


1. Employer (read the Handy Hints section)

2. Local Clubs eg Womens Institute, Rotary, Inner Wheel, Lions, Round Table, Business Clubs

3. Friends and family - use your Christmas card list and ask them to send x to a minimum of 5 of their friends and family

4. You can make on-line donationsby using this link CLICK HERE.

5. Local companies including hotels, solicitors, estate agents, hairdressers, beauticians and shops - especially those you know and use!

6. Companies you have a relationship with eg past employers, partners employer, your bank, insurance company and local garage


Phone (0300 365 3015) or email Wendy at [email protected] download the officialsponsor formand click here and print out the gift aid form.


Fundraising ideas from home
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