Studies show significant benefits for chlorella

At CANCERactive we are great fans of the Japanese algae/food product Chlorella, especially when combined with beneficial bacteria supplementation.

Researchers in Kyoto (Journal of Medicinal Food, Sept 2008)gave chlorella over a 16 week period to 17 people at high-risk for lifestyle-related diseases and 17 healthy subjects. They conducted blood biochemical tests and gene profile expression analysis before and after the consumption period and concluded that chlorella significantly controlled gene expression and that this varied with consumption level. Specific results showed that chlorella:

• Increased levels of white cells

• Boosted various aspects of cellular signalling and reception

• Reduced body fat

• Reduced serum cholesterol

• Reduced blood sugar levels, and glucose uptake through insulin pathway promotion


In the same magazine, is another study where rats given cadmium had lower levels of liver damage if also given chlorella, indicating its ability to chelate to/bind to heavy metals and eliminate them from the body. Beneficial bacteria supplementation is a benefit here.

In a third study (European Journal of Dermatology; May.June 2008)chlorella was shown to inhibit collagen degradation, mRNA and kinase formation as a result of ultraviolet light exposure.
Readers may recall that we covered another study in icon (Journal of Medicinal Food; March 2007) where researchers in Japan had concluded that pregnant women taking chlorella had reduced levels of dioxin and IGF-1 in their breast milk. In the June 2008 edition ofFood Chemistry Toxicologythere was a study showing chlorella binds to and removes lead from the body.

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