Sulforaphane from sprouting seeds and EGCG from green tea - an effective combination against ER-ve breast cancer

Sulforaphane from sprouting seeds and EGCG from green tea - an effective combination against ER-ve breast cancer
A team of researchers (1) from the University of Alabama, Birmingham who specialize in the science of Epigenetics have shown that providing sulforaphane (typically found in sprouting seeds, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts) together with EGCG from green tea, can re-sensitise ER-ve breast cancer cells. The combination was highly effective in reactivating ERα epigenetically, even rendering this aggressive breast cancer, which currently has no orthodox treatment options, sensitive to Tamoxifen.
Numerous research studies have highlighted strong chemopreventive effects in several bioactive natural compounds including EGCG from green tea polyphenols, sulforaphane from sprouting broccoli seeds, genistein from soya beans and red clover and resveratrol from red grapes and berries as each having the ability to correct epigenetic anomalies during carcinogenesis. Research shows breast cancer, ovarian cancer and others are particularly susceptible to these four compounds.
In this study just two were used, namely EGCG and sulforaphane.
Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive said, “Anyone who saw me speak in 2017 will know that I started with an explanation of epigenetics and why the majority of people with cancer are not doomed. EGCG is known to correct hypermethylation in cancer cells and it inhibits tumour promoting genes. Sulforaphane can cause cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. No wonder this is a strong combination. People who have had a Personal Prescription with me will probably remember my suggestion to make vegetable juices that are predominantly green and include home grown broccoli sprouts if possible. I also suggest eating berries first thing in the morning and I have always been very positive on genistein, unlike many so-called health ‘experts’.”    
1. Yuanyuan Li, Syed M. Meeran, Trygve O. Tollefsbol; Scientific Reports 7, 2017:
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