The CANCERactive 3D approach to cancer Prevention

The CANCERactive 3D approach to cancer Prevention

The Politics of Cancer 

Cancer prevention is almost non-existent. The first time people think about preventing cancer is usually right after they get it. In 2004, CANCERactive research showed only 4 per cent of people had any idea on how to prevent cancer.

And the major charities, and Big Pharma. Do you think they want to help you prevent cancer?

The Truth about cancer is that it is a big business. A Very Big Business. And it is full of hidden agendas, vested interest and politics. You are merely a pawn. And it fits the business model to blame you. 

It is one dimensional - its your fault you developed cancer. You smoke too much.You are overweight. You drink too much. You take no exercise. You eat badly. You, you, you.

And this lets the medical world take control. You cannot be trusted. We have the treatments and the protocols - we will tell you how to manage your cancer. 

Note - you are not going to beat it; they are not trying to cure you. They are going to extend your survival times, past 5 years to 10 years, all the time you will be using highly profitable treatments and keeping hundreds of thousands of people employed.

At least half of all cancer is NOT your fault
But if it wasnt all your fault? What if the companies that made the treatments were also helping to make you sick, with their toxic toiletries, their pesticides, their vaccines and more. What if the EMFs, the herbicides, the destruction of your gut bacteria were all part of the slippery slope.What if health bodies and certain cancer charities were taking money from Big Pharma, sugar and soft drunk companies, or even tobacco companies?

And so, at CANCERactive we want to go beyond the simplistic one dimensional its your own fault culture.  


Where there is research evidence, we will bring it to you. A truly 3D approach to the Truth about cancer.

If you understand the dangers - all the dangers - in areas like diet, environmental toxins and disease, it makes real prevention so much easier. You can build your own microenvironment, only bringing products into your home that are safe.

CANCERactive takes a 3D approach to Cancer Prevention:

Our aim is to bring you The Truth about cancer prevention - we have absolutely no vested interests and no polital or financial issues clouding our thinking. We take money from no one. 

We encourage you to:

    * Avoid environmental toxins (most of which lie in the products in your own home!)

    * Nourish your mind with good sleep and by minimising the effects of stress 

    * Nourish your body with good food, supplements and sunshine

    * Exercise daily

    * Minimise parasitic invasion and maintain a strong microbiome

To make finding articles easier for you, you just have to click here: 
        * Diet and Lifestyle 
(including stress, sleep and sugar)

        * Dangers (from in-home toxins, to work place and pesticide concerns, EMFs and GMOs)

        * Disease (parasites, viruses, yeasts and bacteria)

This is CANCERactive 3D approach to Cancer Prevention. 

 Live Clean in all aspects of your life


Important Notice

This website represents a precis of a vast number of varied sources available to anyone on the subject of cancer, its prevention and cure. Whilst CANCERactive and Health Issues, the publishers and authors, have made every effort to ensure that the facts, information and conclusions are accurate and as up to date as possible at the time of publication, the authors and publishers assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or their consequences.

Some of the articles have been prepared by professors and doctors, others by journalists in discussion with professionals.

However, we are neither fully qualified health practitioners nor doctors of medicine, and so not qualified to give any advice on any medical matters. Cancer (and its related illnesses) is a very serious and very individual disease. Readers must consult with experts and specialists in the appropriate medical field before taking, or refraining from taking, any action.

This website, and the advice contained, is not intended as an alternative to such specialist advice, which should be sought for accurate diagnosis and before any course of treatment.

The authors and the publishers cannot be held responsible for any actions that are taken by any reader as a result of information contained in the text of this website. Such action is taken entirely at the readers own risk.

The CANCERactive 3D approach to cancer Prevention
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