The Dove Clinic for Integrative Medicine

The Dove Clinic for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Julian Kenyon specialises in Integrative Medicine and runs the private Dove Clinic in Winchester, Hampshire (and also in Harley Street, London). He is involved with the majority of chronic illnesses, but CANCERactive knows him best for his work in cancer.

He has written some interesting articles for us, each showing the scope and range of the services The Dove offers.

For example

1. Repurposing old drugs to treat cancer: Safe Conventional Drugs can be used to treat cancer (click link)

2. Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT): Sonodynamic PDT (click link)

3. Intravenous Vitamin C: IVC (click link)

Obviously the Clinic features far more treatments than this on a variety of Chronic illnesses. To find out more, their telephone number is: 01962 718000

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