The Galkina Laboratory

The Galkina Laboratory

Dr Olga Galina-Taylor runs the Taylor Galkina Laboratory near Bournemouth in the UK, where she specialises in blood and urine testing and work on the p53 gene in cancer; the Clinic provides complex data for practitioners.

The Taylor Galinka Laboratory offers unique blood and urine tests under the supervision of Dr Olga Galkina-Taylor,  an acclaimed Medical Scientist who can provide analysis of gene pathways and neurochemistry, appropriate to the patient’s diagnosis. Her services are used by Doctors and Practitioners throughout the world. One of her specialities is the p53 gene which is usually impaired when a patient has cancer.

From the information provided it is possible for the practitioner to produce safe and effective support programs for patients, some of whom may already be undergoing treatments. 

This is found to be useful where there is a need to strengthen immunity and correct hormonal imbalances. Recommendations are sometimes made to practitioners with a view to attempting to correct gene pathways,  but the lab does not produce prescription medicines nor advise the general public on treatments.

Sadly, patients report to CANCERactive that the test results and communication is all very confusing, and they frequently turn to Chris Woollams for an explanation. Even the details on this Galinka page you are reading were out of date, and the details in their report didn't link 100% to the details at the bottom of their own paper pages. 

Information about the range of tests can be found, we think, on

To contact the lab according to their letter heading - please email [email protected] - quoting the following reference:- CANCERactive.


According to a personal report - THE TAYLOR GALKINA LABORATORY LTD, 54 Strouden Av, Bournemouth , Dorset BH8 9HX;

although the smart paper it is printed on states: V026, 203-205, Charminster Rd, Bournmouth, Dorset, BH8 9QQ.

TEL: 01202 510910  (Calls to this number must quote the reference CANCERactive)

Go to: The p53 gene and cancer


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