Thyroid dysfunction in immunotherapy may help cancer survival

Thyroid dysfunction in immunotherapy may help cancer survival

52% of people taking PD-1 immunotherapy experience thyroid dysfunction; in those patients where thyroid hormone rises, lung cancer survival increases.

In a study of lung cancer patients taking Nivolumab or Pembrolizumab who were followed for almost 15 months 20% developed lowered thyroid function, and 12% developed increased levels; (16% already had some dysfunction).

Overall survival and progression-free survival was higher in the group that developed overt (increased-hormone) thyroid dysfunction because they took the immunotherapy. In fact the figures and differences were large. The 1-year overall survival rate among those who developed overt thyroid dysfunction during treatment was 94% compared with 59% among those who did not. One year progression-free survival rates were 64% and 34%, respectively. 

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