Weight Control as a complementary cancer therapy

Weight Control as a complementary cancer therapy
Weight control should be an important part of your integrated cancer treatment programme.
Oestrogen is the female sex hormone. It is produced, as Oestrone, by the ovaries along what is called the C-2 pathway. Unfortunately, as we age, both men and women tend to increase their fat stores. And external fat stores produce oestrogen via aromatase enzymes along the C-16 pathway. The only problem is that this oestrogen (oestradiol) is much more aggressive and can play havoc inside the cell.Another store of fat, you cannot see. It is white fat bathing your internal organs. And fat is a wonderful solvent, and will hold toxins and hormones that you would rather excrete, around those organs.
Being overweight is usually a sign that the person does not take enough exercise. You can read about the real benefits of exercise by Clicking Here. The target is to do 40 minutes light exercise - ideally first thing in the morning - every day. Yoga, T’ai Chi are the best, not ’going for the burn’. Strenuous exercise is actually less effective and releases more toxins into the blood stream.
Being overweight is usually a sign of a poor diet. And poor diets are linked with cancer risk. You can read about our recommended Complementary and Integrative Diet by Clicking Here.
In 2012 The American Cancer Society produced a report saying that there had been an explosion in research into complementary therapies since 2006 and that complementary therapies such as Diet, Weight Control and exercise could increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning.
If you are more than 7 kgs overweight for your height, you shave roughly 5 years off your life expectancy. If you smoke as well, you shave 13 years off your life according ton Erasmus Medical School.
But the good news is that NorthWestern University Medical Center have shown that it is never too late to start exercise. Losing weight in a controlled way during breast cancer treatment, increased survival times.
The biggest problem when we do Personal Prescriptions is that a great many people lie to themselves about their weight. One told me she was ’a little chubby’ when she was 14 kgs overweight. Another woman was 100 kgs and 5 feet 8 inches. Both had oestrogen-driven cancers.
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